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Jesus Save Us

See the everlasting Father, See the perfect son of Man

See the word made flesh among us, See the Lion and the Lamb

Entering the holy city, completing all that was foretold

Come and let us sing His praises, only He can save our souls.


Blessed is He who comes

in the name of the LORD our God


Jesus, Son of David, come and save us, save us

Our voices raised in highest praise come save us, save us


He will rescue all the captives, He will set the prisoners free

He will crush the curse we're under along with every enemy

For His kingdom has no boundary and His rule will know no end.

For the God of all creation delivers all into His hand.


All our hope is found in you our coming King.

Jesus, salvation's in Your name and we will sing.

Jesus Save Us - Recorded Key B

A Greater Plan

There is death in the air, there is blood on the ground

and the tables are set in every home in this town

for the LORD knows our state, Oh how he knows we forget

And so we're drinking this cup and we're eating this bread


To remember when your grace was found

in a perfect spotless lamb

and the blood he shed let our weary heads

rise to see a greater plan.


We remember it well, every word that was said,

when this truth came to dwell. It still rings in our heads.

For the LORD raised his cup and made a covenant there

He said "This is my body and blood and I'm the Lamb that's prepared".


So we'll remember when your grace was found

as a perfect spotless lamb

and the blood Jesus shed let our weary heads

rise to see a greater plan

A Greater Plan - Recorded Key B

Let this Cup Pass

Alone on a hill, awake in the night

the author of life preparing to die

cried out to heaven and fell to His knees

He knew the Father's will but still He would plead


Praying "Let this cup pass

My soul's downcast

If I must take this I can

I'll drink and be still.

Not mine, but your will."


Met and betrayed by one of the brothers

He was taken away, denied by another

beaten by soldiers who took all he had

God's only Son, a lamb among wolves


Jesus the Son of God

has felt all the pain we should feel

When He took a cross instead of me

and died as my sins bit His heel

He was the one that the Father poured out His wrath upon.

Let this Cup Pass - Recorded Key Em

Mercy's Throne

With a crown of thorns upon His brow

See the Son of Man as He bleeds and bows

Bearing every Sin on His faultless frame

Trading righteousness for our robes of shame


Now the soldiers lash Him with their whips

Hear the crowd with murder on their lips

Cry to crucify God's only Son

He would wear the pain that our sin had won


Oh the cross of Christ is mercy's throne

Where the Lamb of God would for sin atone

Our deliverer was delivered up

He has purchased us with His holy blood


Taking wretched steps to Calvary's hill

Feeling every nail that would hold and kill

He was lifted high for the world to see

Jesus' final breath was our victory


So the LORD was lowered down to rest

in a borrowed tomb where He tasted death

Dying once for all the saints to save

and for three dark days He was in the grave

Mercy's Throne - Recorded Key C


Jesus you're the treasure of my heart

The surpassing worth of Christ I now can see

And whatever gain I had I count as loss

for the righteousness of Christ has covered me


And it's all by grace that I stand amazed


By the power of your word

You have made me new

Christ who died is risen

So I am forgiven

His great gospel is true


Jesus you're the treasure of my heart

And from faith to faith your glory is revealed

For the stone witin my chest now beats with life

You have called my name, my faith is in you Christ


When I heard your voice

Lord, I had no choice

But to run to you

Treasure - Recorded Key G


Like a light in the darkness breaking through to day

There was hope and a promise that God would make a way

And so we pray you say you hear us as we cry out to You.


The world watching with a wonder

"How can Jesus save

with his body torn asunder lying in the grave?"

He is risen and ascended and we believe it's true


And now that we have seen the plan of God

In Christ our risen King

We believe salvation comes by faith

and this truth we'll ever sing


Jesus Christ is raised to life

He has undone the fall for all who by His grace

believe He lives


Before the light, before the darkness

Christ was on His throne

And at the cross he has accomplished

Grace through faith alone

We believe and see the Savior redeeming everything.


And so we're carrying the Gospel

Your spirit lives in us

and at the right hand of the Father

we have a high priest we can trust

Now forever every knee will bow and praise the lamb


All Glory, Praise, and Honor to the Risen Lamb!

He is the Way, the Truth , the Life Forever!

Believe He Lives - Recorded Key G

Christ Has Come

Before time began our God had a plan

To show the world his mercy, to give the world his grace

We were dead in sin, we were blind when he came in

He came to rescue sinner, to seek and save the lost


Chist has come, Christ has come

The baby Mary's holding

is the Father's plan unfolding

Chist has come, Christ has come

Praise God for Christ has come


Perfect without sin Jesus was a king

Who left his throne in heaven because of his great love

Only he could save, Holy is his name

His name is above all names

Forever and amen


Chist has come, Christ has come

The son of heaven's glory reveals redemption's story

Chist has come, Christ has come

Praise God for Chist has come


Oh the depths and riches of the wonder of his will

God with us, abide with us, abide emmanuel


Chist has come, Christ has come

The Lamb of God redeemed us

Praise the name of Jesus

Chist has come, Christ has come

Praise God for Chist has come


Chist has come, Christ has come

Exalted and ascended, his glory never-ending

Chist has come, Christ has come

Praise God for Chist has come

Christ has Come - Recorded Key E