2017 Update and New Songs

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While there hasn't been an update to this site in a long time, it doesn't mean that things haven't been happening behind the scenes when it comes to Sovereign Hope Music.

2016 was a busy year by any account for this new endeavor. We released our first EP "Mercy's Throne", a single with a B-side "Treasure", and a song for Christmas "Christ has Come". It was a year of learning and trying something new.

In the wake of all those releases I've been taking some time to rethink what the purpose of our efforts is. Over the years as worship leader in a few different contexts, I have seen many different styles and forms when it comes to the music that we sing in Church. What I've noticed is that the greatest songs of our faith, the ones that make up a long-standing and celebrated repertoire of the church are easily sung by large groups of people. They are written specifically for large groups of people to sing together. As I look back on our past releases, I'm really grateful for these songs and I know that they were an encouragement to many, but when it comes to using most of them for congregational singing, we missed the mark. The majority of the songs we wrote are just too difficult to sing together in worship. I want to be clear that there is nothing wrong with a church releasing music that is meant to be listened to and enjoyed. However, my greatest desire is to cultivate a worshipping community centered around the gospel. While we will still release songs for enjoyment and edification, our greatest efforts should be spent on creating songs that are accessible to the church at large and that encourage us to sing as we marvel together at the glory of God in the gospel of Jesus.

With this in mind, in January of 2017, I began intentionally writing new songs with the congregation in mind. I've been continually writing since then. Our next release is our most ambitious to date and it will be our first full-length album.

The rest of 2017 will be spent tweaking the content of the songs and getting them ready for our band. Over 2018, if you're a part of Sovereign Hope Church, you'll hear us begin to roll out some of them at our Sunday morning services. My current goal would be to release these new songs for everyone to hear by the fall of 2018.

That may seem like a long time from now, but there might be a few goodies coming out of Sovereign Hope Music between now and then.

Thanks for checking in with us and for supporting us. To God be the glory.