The core of our faith comes down to two events: Jesus' death on a cross and his resurrection three days later. For thousands of years, the Christian church has been commemorating these pivotal events, and we will do this once again this year.

It has been a humbling experience to labor on this project. All of us involved are excited and thankful for the opportunity to share this with you. There has never been another event like Easter and our hope is that this short collection of songs helps the story of the most significant week in history come alive in your heart and in your home.

So, to remove as many barriers as we can, we have decided to give these songs away from March 1st to the 26th. You can download it by heading to our Noistrade.com page. The album will also be for sale on iTunes if you would prefer to download it that way.

We look forward to singing some of these songs at Sovereign Hope Church over the coming weeks as we celebrate the plan of God in Christ the risen king.